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Super Bowl Style

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No matter your thoughts on #deflategate // #ballghazi // #Belicheat, most Americans will be watching the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. Even non football fanatics like moi. The barftastic snacks, uber expensive ads, each one trying (and occasionally succeeding) to be wittier than the next and Katy Perry are enough to lure me in...

More than likely, I'll be cuddled up in sweats on my favorite corner of the couch during the game, but let's pretend, for blogging's sake, that I'll be at a fun, lively party. 

What I'd wear: Seahawks blue, green and silver, natch! Even though I lived in Boston for over a decade, I could never get down with the Pats. Celtics? Mos def. Red Sox? F^ck Yeah! Pats? Hell to the NAW!

What I'd bring: A package of eye black stickers for fellow guests. Super Bowl Rings (Ring Pop lollies) for post-game celebrations!

What I'd do: Use my ref's whistle and penalty flag for anyone that double dips at the buffet. 

Happy Super Bowling!