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The Five | Get Outside

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Cabin fever hit me hard this year and I've been craving lots of outdoor time this Spring. As I stare at my computer screen, finishing up some of the week's work, I'm pining for the sunshine just outside my door.

Until I can really get down and dirty in my yard, I've been bringing a bit of the outdoors in. Succulents are my jam since I tend to kill most house plants. #blackthumb

My husband and I recently got some new bikes and we just purchased a Peg-Perego ride-along bike seat for our youngest. Here's to family bike rides! #bicyclerace 

And since we'll be spending lots of time on bikes this season, I bought myself a helmet. It's a tad dorky but I actually don't hate it. #safetyfirst

I'm desperate to give our home an outdoor makeover. We have multiple challenges ahead. What's a modern girl to do? Make a Pinterest board! #AtomicFox

I'm obsessed with Rejuvenation, an online store with lots of Mid-Century Modern home decor accents and hardware. I've been swooning over these minimalist planters but found a less expensive version at Target. #HOLLA 

Hope you get some Vitamin D this weekend!

The Five | Where the F^@$ is Spring?

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Spring Break starts now. No, we're not going anywhere sunny but we are getting out of town for a few days. My plan involves a few meals at my favorite restaurant and not a whole lot else. I'm in a bit of a sour mood due to recent legislation in Indiana and the very un-Spring-like weather we've been [not] enjoying this week (and a week that started with doing my taxes and getting blood drawn --- I'm not sure what's worse). I'm bound and determined to turn my mood around so here are some of the bright spots from the past few days.

* Little League is starting back up and I'm really excited to see my oldest on the field again. He's certainly no slugger but there are valuable lessons to be learned from participating in team sports and he needs to learn them. And seriously, watching little kids try to field is hysterical. #letsplaytwo


* My sibs and I threw a little birthday lunch for our mother (she loved it) and I finally got to use my Oh Joy for Target party paraphernalia. This was my Mum's first birthday after losing her mother (my sweet and sorely missed Nan) and we wanted to make sure she was the sole focus of our get-together. Thus, we opted for lunch at her favorite Chinese resto, when we could easily pull it off without 73 little kids making the meal all about them. #surprise!


* After moving into our new house, we started hearing the beautiful, haunting sounds of an owl at random times throughout the day. After a few conversations with neighbors, we discovered there are two of them and they spend most of their time in the pine trees in our backyard! My husband managed to capture some awesome pictures of them this week. #hootyhoot

* My skinny-ass brows (I also have skinny ankles and wrists, but that's about it) are always in need of a product or two and after testing quite a few (so, so many, really) of the latest and {not so} greatest brow mascaras, I've settled on an absolute fave: L'Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper. The formula is a great consistency and the triangle spooly brush is the perfect size to offer precion AND proper coverage. Bonus: It's under 10 bones. #cheapthrills


* Mint has been my color of choice for the last few months and the feeling is only increasing as summer gets closer. Whenever I get hooked on a color, I get dangerously close to accidentally dressing head to toe in it. To prevent that nonsense, I'm having fun experimenting with complimentary hues that make mint pop. #mintyfresh

If you happen to be enjoying an actual Spring Break this year, please have a cocktail (or five) on the beach for me!

K, bye.


Navigate the Spring 2015 Fashion & Beauty Trends

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Yes, fashion month for Fall 2015 just wrapped but since we live in the real world, it's Spring 2015 we need to focus on. No matter how much snow has piled up in your slice of the world, Spring is ACTUALLY coming soon and trust me, you'll want to be prepared. As soon as Spring has sprung, you'll be itching to wear sandals, lighter textures and bright, cheery colors. Here's a brief recap of the coolest trends shown last September:

* Denim never goes out of style but this season, look for more polished pieces in the form of chambray. I'm more than a little in love with these joggers from Matilda Jane, a girl's clothing line that's just released its first comprehensive women's collection. 

* The sport trend is still going strong but has been refined by adding details like mesh to daily staples like sweaters and pencil skirts, rather than taking the trend too literal with track jackets and the like. Perforated fabrics make anything look cool and sporty and the pieces are easily mixed in to your closet. 

* A pastel handbag will add just the ladylike swath of color every outfit needs. Bonus: Break it out now to bring a little life into all the boring Winter clothes you're sick of wearing.

* Gingham plaid by DVF appeared youthful, carefree and modern,, not twee, when blown up in size or done in bold black or cobalt blue. Stay away from red to avoid looking like a picnic table.

* Ballet seems to have been an inspiration point for some designers including Michael Kors and Valentino for Spring 2015. Look for wrap sweaters, ballet flats and slices of sheer fabrics or tulle details (think gauzy maxi skirts). When done in pastel, the look is soft and feminine, when in black, its modern and bold. Just don't wear these signature pieces all at once --- unless you happen to be coming straight from barre class.

* The military trend never seems to go away---it's been refreshed once more by fashion heavy-hitters like Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Jason Wu. Again, steer away from head to toe looks so you don't look costume-y. An anorak, slim cargo pants or a jacket featuring epaulettes will be just the dose you need. Hit up your local army-navy store for authentic web belts, patches and pins for a little DIY action on pieces you may already own.

* The 1970's were a big inspiration -- and have been for a few seasons, including Fall 2015. Go for exaggerated flare jeans, flowing bohemian maxi dresses, flower prints and embellishments, crocheted or embroidered details, suede jackets and dresses, denim skirts and platform sandals with everything and you've got it down.

Pro tip: You can easily blend trends like pastel + sport mesh but shy away from wearing multiple trends at once. Too much! On the other hand, do what you want and be happy about it. #YOLO, amIright?


* I think we all tend to lighten up our  makeup when the warmer temps set in so the lip trend for Spring 2015 is definitely a departure. Deep berry lips were seen all over from light raspberry to bold plum. There's a shade in there for every skin tone and can add instant drama to the bare faced complexion trend happening that I'm getting ready to mention...

* I personally love the no makeup look (or "no makeup" look for those who log serious mirror time to make it look like they're not wearing any). Marc Jacobs' models were authentically makeup free while those at Jason Wu, Victoria Beckham and Chloe were given a less is more vibe with a hint of natural, pinky nudes. #IWOKEUPLIKETHIS

* As for color, lavender and lilac were all the rage for eyes, whether for shadows or liners. If neither is for you, try a purple mascara which will give just a wink of color. See what I did there? Aren't I cute...?

* More good news for lazy girls like me -- one of the biggest hair trends is the undone look. You know, like the cool Parisian girl slash model-off-duty look everyone is always trying to achieve (it's actually harder than it looks). With air dried texture, messy looped ponys that sit low on the neck or less than perfect braids speak to the trend and translate into much less time with your round brush and hot tools

* For phalanges, the big to-do is the negative space mani. Paint just your half moons or vice versa or a single stripe down the side of an otherwise nude nail. Just know that your nail and surrounding skin must be in perfect shape to properly pull this off. Go here for some inspo. Otherwise, soft pastels in pink, peach, lavender and mint are your best bets for a standard polished look, especially when the finish is creamy, not shimmery or glittery.

Just typing this post made me hopeful for Spring! I can almost feel the sun on my face... Oh! Nope, that's the burning tingle of frostbite.