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Watch This

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Prediction: The wrist watch is making a comeback. But, did it ever really go away? I stopped wearing mine when my phone became permanently attached to my hand. I'm dusting off my old favorites and replacing batteries and am going to start re-incorporating them into my life.

A classic watch is a timeless (weird pun) accessory that can be a status symbol, add flare or color to your look or can be used as a conversation starter (or ender). It's definitely more elegant to glance at your wrist when asked for the time, rather than fumbling around in your handbag for your phone (yes, sometimes my phone is put away).

Not into the new(ish) Apple Watch or the like? Me either. Check out these stylish timepieces that will add classic elegance to your wrist forevermore. No operating system updates required.


Burberry Check Stamped Watch | Nixon The Time Teller | Tory Burch Buddy Signature Leather Wrap  

Shinola Gomelsky Square | Kate Spade Metro Somewhere | Michael Kors Bradshaw 

ps - My Nan always wore hers with the dial on the inside of her wrist. She always looked so chic (to me) when she'd glance at her watch... Excuse me while I go adopt a new habit.

The Five | Easter Essentials

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For me...

Pretty hats +  little girls in white gloves + nibbles of chocolate + sips of champagne  + my family's {intense} game of Pic-A-Me = the perfect celebration of Spring!

I'll be missing my sweet Nan this year, who was always the most beautiful, most elegant person to sit at our family table. I'll be wearing her signature Lily of the Valley scent in her honor...



Tech Candy

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I love a good gadget. Our phones and tablets are our constant companions - at least mine are - so they might as well be properly accessorized, yes? There's nothing more boring than a dull grey power strip --- why not seek out one with a bit more personality? I love to mix cheeky, brightly colored accoutrements (rubberized, hot pink iPod boombox, anyone?) with chicly detailed items like rose gold embellished headphones and Vachetta leather envelope cases. Take a bite of this Tech Candy.

In the Clutch

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You need a chic and stylish clutch for all your holiday haunts - your day bag just won't do. The right clutch bag holds all your essentials (phone, keys, ID, money, lipstick, mints) but also acts as an additional piece of jewelry. Consider not only your dress style but also your carrying style. For example, a leather envelope style clutch is easy to tuck under your arm while a minaudière certainly is not. Will you be annoyed if you have to carry it in your hand all night? If yes, choose one with an included strap so you have options. Regardless, select something with a bit of pizzazz for the biggest impact - an evening clutch should be gorgeous and special and perhaps a little over the top. 

Party Shoes

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'Tis the season for pretty party shoes! Embellished heels add interest to your party dresses, especially when it's your trusty LBD that everyone's seen a few times. You can't go wrong with a neutral embellished shoe since you'll get much more mileage out of them. However, I'm having a mint green-slash-seafoam moment and think that color is highly overlooked this time of year. Look for impactful details like lace, beading or satin bows for sweet, party ready feet. And if you're running from party to party, do yourself a favor and slip in a pair of cushy halter inserts to stay comfy all night long (no promises on that one).

Back to School

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I'm more than a decade out of college (and I really never want to do homework again) but that doesn't stop me from doing a wee bit of Back to School shopping for myself. I still think of September as the start of a new year (more so than January), and since my boys are just embarking on their education, this fall activity will be on my radar for years to come. Here's how we grown-ups can capture a little of that exciting BTS spirit for ourselves...

* Update tech supplies with a new stylus or cover/case for tablet or phone. Kate Spade always offers colorful and cheeky options.

* New shoes are a BTS staple, but instead of saddles or loafers, my BTS shoes will be ankle booties, kind of like these. I'm an accessories girl at heart - I'd rather have a new bag or shoe than a new piece of clothing, and a new pair of kicks can really pick me up. Paolo Nutini just gets me.

Blush spectacles from Rowley Eyewear

* Fresh eyeglasses (or sunnies for those who wear contact lenses or possess perfect vision) can really update the vibe. Online optical companies like Warby Parker, BonLook and Rowley Eyewear offer super stylish options at smaller prices than traditional outlets. My pink babies from Rowley were a spring purchase but I'm still way into them so they're staying put. 

* One great new outfit can set the tone for all future shopping during the season. My youngest babe is heading to pre-school (gasp!) so I'm going to be a bit more free to refocus on work. My goal is to pick up a few more professional pieces (blazer, blouses and a real pair of pants) and ditch the glorified pj's I've been sporting for the last 17+ months...

* A fresh haircut, a color tweak, perhaps just a new style, can make a huge impact. I'm trying to embrace my natural, curly texture - REALLY trying to resist the urge to book a keratin smoothing treatment. Perhaps I'll just get a few face-framing highlights instead...

What's on your BTS shopping list?

why don't you...

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...use two scarves to create one fab scarf?

Choose two scarves that are roughly the same size but with different textures, patterns or colors. Lay them flat on top of each other to line them up then twist or drape around your neck as you normally would. Voila! A new super scarf that didn't cost you a dime.