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The Five | Get Outside

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Cabin fever hit me hard this year and I've been craving lots of outdoor time this Spring. As I stare at my computer screen, finishing up some of the week's work, I'm pining for the sunshine just outside my door.

Until I can really get down and dirty in my yard, I've been bringing a bit of the outdoors in. Succulents are my jam since I tend to kill most house plants. #blackthumb

My husband and I recently got some new bikes and we just purchased a Peg-Perego ride-along bike seat for our youngest. Here's to family bike rides! #bicyclerace 

And since we'll be spending lots of time on bikes this season, I bought myself a helmet. It's a tad dorky but I actually don't hate it. #safetyfirst

I'm desperate to give our home an outdoor makeover. We have multiple challenges ahead. What's a modern girl to do? Make a Pinterest board! #AtomicFox

I'm obsessed with Rejuvenation, an online store with lots of Mid-Century Modern home decor accents and hardware. I've been swooning over these minimalist planters but found a less expensive version at Target. #HOLLA 

Hope you get some Vitamin D this weekend!

The Five | Reboot

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I used to do a little series where I'd wrap up my five (lifelong love for the number five) favorite things of the week. At some point, I stopped doing that --- I'm not sure why. It's back, b!tches.

* Barely Famous just debuted on VH1 and it's hilarious. The Foster sisters (daughters of composer/songwriter David Foster) are super cute, stylish and funny --- what more could you ask for? I don't have cable but I bought the season pass through iTunes for under $20. Score! #cheapthrills

* I'm hashtag obsessed with one of Madonna's new songs, Ghosttown. She will always be a badass, no matter what anyone says. #datass

* Open For Service is such a fab initiative, freshly started by a couple of forward thinking peeps in Indianapolis. This needs to be a worldwide movement so click here, read and share with everyone  you know --- providing  you agree with the mission. If you don't agree, I'm not sure we can be friends.... #justsaying

* These teacups are totally my vibe. Follow @trovestore on Instagram for tons of super cute merch. #cheeky

* I've always liked fennel but right now I just can't get enough. I think I'm just craving fresh, crisp salads now that the weather is not as frightful. Here's how I've been getting funky with fennel: Make a bed of baby kale, dressed with olive oil, salt and pepper and lemon juice. Add fresh mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, segments of grapefruit, Meyer lemon and blood orange then top with shaved fennel. #nocookdinner


Cheers to the weekend!

Happy New Year!

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Narrowing down color choices for the kitchen. 

Well, I finally unpacked and plugged in my computer after a hectic move right after Christmas. At long last, we've hung curtains, installed appliances and tackled the sea of laundry that piled up during the chaos. We still have lots to do in terms of unpacking, painting and some light renovating but that will happen...eventually. I'll be blogging the transformation of our 1954 Mid Century Modern ranch home in a series I'm calling #AtomicFox. 

I just know 2015 is going to be a great year but we've started off with a few illnesses and a semi-frightening career decision for me (have to remain cryptic for now). I'm accepting all good vibes sent my way...

So --- now that it's almost February --- Happy New Year!!!

Pantone's Color of the Year

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In case you haven't heard, Pantone recently announced their highly anticipated (at least by a certain demographic) Color of the Year. I'm always excited to see their take on the current color trends, even if I'm not all that thrilled by their selections. Tangerine Tango was a big hit with me, while Emerald was not (I prefer the gem to the textile color). This year, Pantone deems Marsala as the IT hue.

I'm a bit iffy on Marsala, only because it seems a little dull to my eyes. It reminds me of my wardrobe in the 90's... I doubt I'd wear the color on my body anymore (never say never), but I can dig on Marsala for interiors and, perhaps, for lipstick or nail colors. Perhaps.

MAC Party Line $16 | Butter London Tramp Stamp $15

What's your take on Pantone's Color of the Year? Will you be buying into this color trend?


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At 35 weeks, my nesting instinct is kicking in pretty hard right now. We're also in the process of moving so I haven't been able to do much work on #2's nursery. During my first pregnancy we also moved when I was 8 months pregnant (what is our deal?) and I had to kick out the jams to get the nursery done in time. But, my son didn't really sleep in his nursery until about six months so this time around I'm trying to be a bit more relaxed...trying.

I've been pinning and shopping and planning so that I can have the groundwork done before delivery day. I'm going for a very clean, crisp and modern nautical vibe in grey and blue, in homage to the inspiration behind #2's name, the enchanting island of Nantucket, where my husband and I truly fell in love.

Here are just a few of the accessories I'm using to get that weathered, East Coast island feel: