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Mask Monday

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On Sundays, I get deep --- by steaming open and cleansing my pores. Except I've totally skipped it these last few weeks. I've been so lazy with my skincare lately and it shows. So tonight? I MASK! I typically whip up  my own (more on that laterzzz) but here are a few great store bought options that I keep on hand for when I'm especially lazy. 

Juice Beauty's line of organic skincare is right up my alley. This clay based mask clears pores and helps control oil without stripping skin of its vital, precious moisture. $24
Peter Thomas Roth's Cucumber Gel mask has been ever present in my regime because of its versatility. It can be used as a full facial mask or for a quick, de-puffing undereye mask. A thin layer on clean skin can be worn overnight for extra hydration. The tub can also be kept in the fridge during summer for a cooling treat. Regardless of season or reason, this mask calms and soothes all skin types. $45

Think of me tonight when my green and crumbling mask is frightening my children. Happy Masking!

I fell in LOVE with Valmont during my spa days. All the estheticians were wild for it and the results spoke for themselves. The Purifying Pack mask was my fave because it left my skin perfectly clean yet not stripped dry and my skin absolutely glowed after use. Ok, it's quite a splurge but so worth it if you're passionate about skincare. $140
I've always been a huge fan of Bliss and founder Marcia Kilgore. The Steep Clean series of products is fantastic for exfoliating and brightening skin but also for busting the dirt and grime that clog pores and make them appear bigger. $55

Best of the Balms

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Winter can wreak havoc on skin, leaving you with a dry, chapped mess, instead of the dewy, glowing visage you're used to. This is the part where I tell you that you need to incorporate a balm into your routine. Now, you have some options. You could go for a cleansing balm, which luxuriously melts off makeup and dirt, leaving you both cleansed and moisturized. Or, you could opt for a leave-on balm for extra protection against the oh-so drying winter air (indoors and out). I say, why not go for both? These are my tried and true faves. 

Apply the cleansing balm to dry or wet skin (I prefer dry) and massage in gentle, circular motions. Splash off with warm water and gently pat skin dry before continuing with regular routine. Use the moisturizing balm to seal in moisture as a last step at night or over makeup during the day. This product is particularly effective at helping to heal and conceal dry and flaky noses that have seen one too many tissues. The Darphin price tag is well worth it and the Boots price point is a crazy steal!

Darphin Aromatic Cleansing Balm with Rosewood $45 | Boots Botanics Organic Super Balm $9