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Prediction: The wrist watch is making a comeback. But, did it ever really go away? I stopped wearing mine when my phone became permanently attached to my hand. I'm dusting off my old favorites and replacing batteries and am going to start re-incorporating them into my life.

A classic watch is a timeless (weird pun) accessory that can be a status symbol, add flare or color to your look or can be used as a conversation starter (or ender). It's definitely more elegant to glance at your wrist when asked for the time, rather than fumbling around in your handbag for your phone (yes, sometimes my phone is put away).

Not into the new(ish) Apple Watch or the like? Me either. Check out these stylish timepieces that will add classic elegance to your wrist forevermore. No operating system updates required.


Burberry Check Stamped Watch | Nixon The Time Teller | Tory Burch Buddy Signature Leather Wrap  

Shinola Gomelsky Square | Kate Spade Metro Somewhere | Michael Kors Bradshaw 

ps - My Nan always wore hers with the dial on the inside of her wrist. She always looked so chic (to me) when she'd glance at her watch... Excuse me while I go adopt a new habit.