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why don't you

why don't you...

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...get more from your hairspray? I have cans and cans of spray but I only use them a few times a year. Here's how I make those cans work double duty:

* Spray the reinforced toes of nylons and tights to help prevent runs. I've even sprayed my legs very lightly once the nylons are on.

* Get gum out of carpet by freezing it with a blast of hair spray before scraping.

* Spray a light coating over my son's artwork to keep the paint and glued on materials last longer.

* Keep cut flowers for a bit longer by giving them a distant quick spritz underneath petals and flowers.

* Make your shoe polish last a bit longer with a light spray. I've very rarely polish my shoes but this does help to keep the shine from fading as fast.

Have any cool new uses for hairspray? Tweet me @navigatewstyle!

why don't you...

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...clasp two different necklaces togezz and wear as one? I experimented with a few different styles but here are the two best I came up with:

There are some instances where the excess chain looks awkward but some necklace chains are more finished than others, as is the case with picture #2. The other thing I love about the second combination is that the purple end looked really pretty going around the back of the neck.

Play around with what you already have to come up with a no cost way to add to your jewelry options!

I'd love to see what you come up with! Tweet me pix at: @navigatewstyle

why don't you...

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...use two scarves to create one fab scarf?

Choose two scarves that are roughly the same size but with different textures, patterns or colors. Lay them flat on top of each other to line them up then twist or drape around your neck as you normally would. Voila! A new super scarf that didn't cost you a dime.