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In recent cross country travels the everyday style of the typical American has been revealed, now more than ever: t shirt, jeans, sneakers. It's a simple uniform - one that can be mundane, unflattering and devoid of style or, quite conversly, one that can be highly fashionable when all the elements are well thought out.

Let's start from the top down:

• The T shirt, no matter the color, size or shape, should be well fitting, display NO licensed characters and be the nicest material you can find. Standard basics can be found at Banana Republic or Target but look for an ample amount of stretch for longer lasting wear. Modal is a fabulous material being used quite universally that provides a soft texture and lovely draping. There are brands whose basic centerpiece is the T shirt - Fluxus, C&C California, Michael Stars and Alternative Apparel that have taken this plain garment and elevated it to stylish staple. Once you've mastered the T shirt you can explore the dresses, tunics, even leggings these companies have introduced into their lines.
Michael Stars Matte Sequins Off Shoulder Dolman, One Size, VertAlternative Women's Debbie Flutter Tee, Sapphire, MediumMichael Stars Shine Off Shoulder Top, One Size, Oxide

The most brilliant example of T shirt evolution is from J.Crew. They have turned T shirts into works of art with sequin embellishments, tulle flowers, beaded designs, upgraded fabrics and fashion forward cuts. No one's ongoing T shirt collection rivals theirs...

• Denim has come a long way, baby! Originally created for hardscrabble workers and cowboys some people in today's society wear jeans to dinner or even church (NWS does not fully embrace this practice). Everyone wears jeans regardless of age, size, shape or financial status. The key is finding the best fit and fabric for you which can sometimes prove to be a bit difficult. This is why spending a little extra money can really make a big difference. We ask a lot of our jeans so it's only appropriate to invest in one or two high end pairs and then endeavor to take the best care of them possible.

For women the most universally flattering style is the bootcut in a dark wash which can be dressed up or down and is not flash in the pan trendy. There are moments that call for skinnies or hippie wide legs but a nice, plain front bootcut jean that fits you perfectly will serve you time and again. Try J Brand, Genetic, Gap (for varied selection) or two newer brands with a more specific aim: Hello Skinny! Jeans (strategically shaded and cut to slim) and Not Your Daughters's Jeans (meant for stylish grown ups).

Once you have found a GREAT pair of jeans enlist the help of a professional tailor to make any necessary tweaks such as hemming or nipping in the leg for a custom fit. This extra bit of money will ensure you end up with the perfect pair.
Not Your Daughter's Jeans Womens Sarah Bootcut Jean, Chocolate, 12Lucky Brand Women's Jeans Sweet Dream -32RNot Your Daughter's Jeans Women's Marylin Straight Leg In Color Denim, White, 10

• Sneakers/Trainers/Tennis Shoes run the gamut from functional high tops to flimsy slip ons. Extremely athletic styles should be left on the court/field/track whathaveyou...
Since we're talking STYLE let's focus on the clean and simple versions such as Converse (with their Chuck Taylor's and Jack Purcell's), Vans, and the more fashionable sneaks from Adidas and Puma.

Some women's styles now have a bit of sparkle and glimmer without looking Barbie-esq so you can have a bit of femininity while donning a decidedly sporty look. This can mean a gold streak running the length of the shoe or a bronze mesh over the toe...stay away from full on metallic styles lest you want to look like a futuristic robot.

The clean lines of low top Converse shoes are casual, comfortable and work well with many different outfit choices. The classic checkered Van slip ons can be cheeky and cool and instantly youthful (just be sure to balance the look so you don't appear to work at Hot Topic).

Some Converse styles look great a little beat up but a general rule is to keep your shoes mud free, clean and tidy...slop and glam are indeed mutually exclusive.
Converse Womens Jack Purcell CP OX Navy/White Fashion Athletics shoe Sz: 9.5Adidas Stella McCartney Womens Crosstraining Shoes Treino 9.5Vans Classic Slip On Sneaker - Black/white/checkerboard

The moral of the story: the all American uniform does not have to be so boxy, shapeless or drab. No more Elmo shirts, mom jeans or clunky, chunky can be stylish and fab while running errands without having to spend lots of time or money on complicated ensembles.