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Next time you need biz cards, or if you happen to love the idea of personal calling cards as NWS does, leave the standard (read: boring) templates behind.

We enjoy colorful and personalized versions that stick out in a sea of vanilla card stock. has a TON of options and designs and the price range is very generous...they even offer free business cards if you allow them to advertise on the back. But like Hall & Oats we don't go for that so pony up the dough for your run. The site offers help with logo design as well as other business paper and web products available with your selected fonts, colors and information for cohesive branding. is the official business card vendor for this here blog. The designs are super clean and modern, the coated paper is luxurious and 100 mini cards can be yours for $20. NWS prefers the design sets which feature multiple styles so you don't have to pick just one. The customization options are not as varied as Vistaprint and other sites but your final product will be stunning. If you select the mini cards rather than standard size do yourself a favor and buy a case for your cards to keep those little suckers corraled.

Ensure you stand out personally and professionally by proffering a card that shows at least a sliver of your true self and not that of some lame corporate schill.

- posted on the move!