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it's sandal season...

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...and that means ONE THING: pedicures are mandatory!

Whether you visit a spa or do it at home all sandal wearing ladies must have well groomed feet.

Take a few extra minutes to buff your heels while in the shower and moisturize after toweling off.

Flowery Swedish Clover Foot File * #530
Select a foot balm without too much slip so you don't slide all over the place. Or moisturize right before bed for extra care.
Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Crème - 4.34 oz.

Toes don't necessarily need to be polished but it's highly preferred. If nails are naked they must be snag free, evenly trimmed and buffed. Rub cuticle oil into your toes for a healthy sheen---polish or no polish.
OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil .5 oz.

Keep a small foot deodorizer in your handbag for a cool and refreshing pick me up or for quick odor elimination.
Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray

Please take care of your tootsies so the world does not have to view your ashy skin. No matter how lovely the sandal if your feet are less than your best the shoe won't matter.

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