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spring greening part 2...

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Next up in our series of greening your beauty regime is body care. Our skin drinks in what we apply and in most cases we're just applying chemicals!!

Let's begin with a basic scrub. Start mixing up kitchen ingredients for a natural yet still effective treatment. Take a handful of salt or sugar, mix in apricot or olive oil and start scrubbing in circular motions toward the heart (this will increase your circulation). Play around with the mix, using less salt or sugar depending on the amount of exfoliation you desire and add in essential oils or lavender buds. Keep trying more formulations until you find your perfect, customized scrub. Discard the mix after each use so add ingedients only as needed, don't waste!

Grapeseed, Avocado, Jojoba or Sesame oils are natural and effective body moisturizers and are perfect carriers for your favorite essential oils. They leave the skin with a healthy sheen and are much less expensive than designer or boutique body products. These oils are also fabulous for massage and can be added to bath water for a moisturizing soak. Sesame Oil by Aura Cacia Organics is an NWS favorite.

For a soothing and rejuvenating foot bath soak those tootsies in whole milk, a dollop of honey and warm water (for comfort) for a few minutes. Use one half of a lemon dipped in sugar to rub on each foot - focus on heels and calluses. Add more sugar as you go for extra grit. Rinse, pat dry and moisturize with organic Shea Butter. Add peppermint oil to the moisturizer for a refreshing and cooling treat.
Planet Botanicals ECOCERT Organic East African Shea Butter Body Balm, Moringa with Rosehips and Cape Lavender, 3.0-Ounce Jar

Deodorant/Antiperspirant, while we've read conflicting studies, is a category we should all examine very carefully. Perspiration is a natural detoxification process we should embrace rather than prevent. Lafe's Natural and Organic spray deodorant uses mineral salts and aloe vera instead of preservatives and chemicals. The fine mist from the spray dries quickly, is effective and refreshes the skin.
Lafe's Natural Body Care Deodorant Deodorant Spray With A 8 oz ( Multi-Pack)

NWS is challenging all readers to look closely at labels when selecting any beauty product. Harmful ingredients to look out for are preservatives such as parabens, synthetic fragrances and surfactants (which create lather).

An even easier way to select great body care products that do not contain these ingredients is to shop in stores that take pride in offering healthy alternatives such as Whole Foods (they have a mind numbingly long list of banned ingredients you will not find in any product they carry).

There's a long list of emerging skin care brands embracing natural and organic ingredients. Seek out green alternatives to your current products at Sephora, Ulta, and even your local drugstore. It's difficult for us to lead completely toxin free lives but eliminate harmful chemicals where you can, especially in your skincare!

UPDATE:  click HERE to check out the Environmental Working Group's Shoppers Guide to Safe Cosmetics!

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