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We've seen customizable makeup palettes before but usually manufactured for specifically sized refills causing the consumer to be beholden to that one brand. NWS has recently converted to the UNII palette (we're partial to the sleek white version) due to the universal nature of the compact.

What girl does not have an overabundance of compacts in their makeup drawers and bags? We could all benefit from a re-org of our makeup collections into a clearly organized, one stop shop palette. Ours is a work in progress...

We especially love the eco angle and the included list of brands that sell refill options.

Cute and moveable, but space wasting, thumbprint button "to hold case securely."

(images shot on a pretty sweet melamine tray from the Liberty of London collection from Target)

UNII Palette - eggplant (purple)
UNII palette available at