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lovely lashes...

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Mascara is typically the one beauty product most women won't leave the house without's a popular "deserted island pick."  And for good reason:  mascara makes us look awake and put together even if we have an otherwise bare face. 

Our hall of fame pick for mascara comes from blinc inc.  This mascara was the first "tube formula" we'd come across, about 10 years ago.  Rather than painting mascara on your lashes, this formula wraps little tubes around each lash, imparting volume and length as well as a waterproof seal without a clumpy mess or stiff texture.  The mascara slides off with just warm water and gentle rubbing - eliminating the need for eye makeup removers.  Though new technologies and formulas have emerged since, nothing compares to blinc!
Blinc - Kiss Me Mascara - Dark Brown