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Below are just a few of our fav resources for locating the best "ish" and getting the finest deals on this here interweb:

* is the go to site for online coupons and free shipping and discount codes galore!  The interface is clear cut unlike similar coupon sites.  Check here before you check out!
* is a super quick and easy way to earn cash back on many of your online purchases.  Sign up for an account then search their database for the online store you wish to shop.  Connect to the desired vendor from their site to earn anywhere from 1% to upwards of 10% cash back!  They pay out once per quarter to your PayPal account or via check.
* is a no brainer if you are a web shopper - it's safe and convenient and if you're an shopper it's virtually a must!
* lists all current promo codes in one place for the devoted J.Crew customer.
* has a huge selection of personal care products as well as cleaning supplies, toys and games AND is sister site to which means you can shop both massive sites but check out once. also offers cash back on qualifying purchases so if you link to it from your account you really save!
* has almost everything under the sun, including digital music albums that typically undercut prices on iTunes.
* is a powerful search engine for fashion and designers!  "All the stores you love.  All in one place."  The iPhone app is pretty kick ass too!

Happy Shopping...