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push 'n wiggle eyeliner...

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Some people are hopeless when it comes to can be tres difficile to master!  The best approach in our estimation is the "push and wiggle" method.

Using cake eyeliner or a dark eye shadow push and wiggle a flat tipped stiff acrylic brush into the pan then press into the base of your lashes and - you guessed it - push and wiggle again!

Jasponesque makes fabulous brushes and their P&W is no exception...Sephora's Pro Angled liner (#15) is fabulous as well.
Japonesque Brush - Pro Eyeliner - Flat

SEPHORA COLLECTION Professionnel Angled Liner/Eyeliner Brush #15

While you can use existing shadows you'll get more staying power using a powder specifically meant for lining - try Nvey Eco's Organic Cake Eyeliner.  OR use a product like Paula Dorf's Transformer which converts shadows into liners.  Dip your clean brush into the fluid then yes, push and wiggle your brush into the shadow then onto your lash line.
Nvey Eco Organic Cake Eyeliner 0.052 oz.Paula Dorf Transformer, 0.5-Fluid Ounces