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Friday's Five websites!

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NWS strives to be as philanthropic as possible...but we could always do more and we try to remind ourselves how lucky we are on a daily basis.  The below organizations make giving more interactive and thus a part of your life...

Small Can Be Big - This organization gives donors "a more direct, more personal, more local and more shared way to help those in need."  SCBB is Boston based but we're hoping more like minded charities pop up for communities around the globe.  To know 100% of your donation is directly and immediately impacting a struggling family is so gratifying!

Donors Choose - This site connects donors to classrooms across the country in need of funding for school projects.  We all know our nation's schools are in dire need of more support and money and Donors Choose lets you see how your money will impact and shape the student's learning experience.  You'll receive updates on the progress of said project and other various correspondence from the teacher and classroom.

Drop in the Bucket - We first heard of Drop in the Bucket from a close friend who helped to found this organization.  She traveled to Uganda to help build the first few water wells and to shoot video footage to share the story with others.  What she saw was life changing...the fulfillment of one of the most basic needs for sustaining human life for a region used to going without.  Drop in the Bucket is involved in all aspects of funding and building of the wells and have completed an astounding number of projects thus far...but with much work yet to do!

Kiva - Rather than a donation per se, Kiva asks for loans to help fund entrepreneurs around the globe, what they call microfinance.  The borrowers pay the money back to you once their business has been sustained.  This is giving at its finest as it encourages personal and professional growth and helps individuals provide for themselves long term.  Once the original loan has been returned to you, roll it into a new loan for a new borrower and so on...

VDay - Inspired by the stories shared via the Vagina Monologues, Eve Ensler founded VDay, a "global movement to end violence against women and girls."  The website quotes an alarming UN statistic: "one of every three women on the planet will be physically or sexually abused in her lifetime."  Through VDay there are multiple ways to help women and girls across the globe fight against rape, violence and genital mutilation.  Give money, participate in an event or help to organize a local performance of The Vagina Monologues, "the proceeds of which are invested in local anti-violence activities."