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Friday's Five Favorites...time wasting websites!

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Sometimes you just need to zone out for a few minutes...these websites can help:

Pop Bubble Wrap - a classic, now digitized!

Dear blank, please blank - honestly, one of the best ways to blow off steam without the confrontation...also, super fun to read through other posts (although some are a tad contrived).

Future Me - we've emailed ourselves a description of one of our favorite ensembles du jour for one year, five years and ten years - will be interesting to see how long it takes for us to think said outfit is cool again...?

Totally Looks Like - our fave is the Donatella Versace/Janice the Muppet on!!!

Paula Deen Riding Things - just completely ridic...but the image of Paula riding Gob Bluth like a horse on his Segway made us laugh out loud!