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Friday's Five cream treats!

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* Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches (for 140 calories) are is our favorite!  Available nearly everywhere, these treats are a quick and easy way to get your summer ice cream fix without the hefty calories.

* This might grab you as being a tad strange but Black Pepper Ice Cream is all kinds of here for a recipe courtesy of Sassy Radish.

* Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait is our old school pick...and with 710 calories we'll be leaving it behind as a delicious memory...
* No ice cream list would be complete without our friends Ben & Jerry!  The names of their flavors are almost as tasty as the ice cream itself.  When in doubt, order the Chunky Monkey...

* Sorry to be a bit regional here but the best ice cream we've ever had is from Four Seas in Centerville, Massachusetts on Cape Cod.  Everything is made fresh on location and has been since 1934.  Hands down, absolute, no fail pick is the Fresh Peach...or the Peppermint Stick...or the Ginger...just trust that you'll want lick 'em all!

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