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Friday's Five Favorites...summer brews!

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"Bet you could use a cool one, Clark."  -Cousin Eddie

Magic Hat #9 - a delicately flavored apricot, not quite pale ale...just what we need on a sweltering day.
note: we could end the list right here as this is our number one, go to beer under any circumstance...BUT this wouldn't be a FFF post if it contained just one rec...

Red Stripe Light - sure, we like plain 'ol Red Stripe but the light iteration is a bit...lighter...and we like that!

Corona - with a wedge of lime, natch.  It may be a bit cliche but it's so light and crisp, inexpensive and so easy to find which makes it a perennial favorite!

Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen - slice up some lemon to serve with this cloudy but light brew.

Goose Island Summertime - a slightly fruity, but certainly not girly, German Style Kolsch beer.