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During my east coast vacation I'm spending some days in my former home: my beloved Boston!

I had to visit my "go to" shops and tour my favorite neighborhoods to see what's new on the style scene. The Boston culture is a great mix of brains, history and innovative thinking but clothing trends aren't as fast moving as NYC. I love to check out the sartorial contrasts between the biz peeps in the Financial District, the students walking Newbury Street and the international crowd shopping at Copley Place & the Pru.

Louis Vuitton windows in Copley are always inspiring and creative.  I would love to have a life sized version of that boat...what a beauty!

Club Monaco had a lovely mix of textures and colors...a bit of sparkle and sheen with military inspired twill pants and jackets. I have pieces already in my closet I can use to replicate some of these looks.

Wagamama for of my favorites from studying in London many moons ago...

...and Pinkberry for an après lunch treat. Their little lounge is super cute!

Vineyard Vines is such a fun store for a dash of preppy chic...just a dash though!  I can't bare to drink the kool-aid and go "full Vines" as it's just a little too pretentious for my taste...I fell in love with this men's belt.

I shopped the giant Sephora store but I can't even begin to go into what I saw/wanted/inevitably bought so I'll move right along to the flower vendor in the Pru.  The blooms are always very fresh and they have such a great selection of exotic varieties...

Had a quick visit to Gretta Luxe to check out their dizzying array of handbags that I can't afford.  The Chloe clutches were particularly calling to me...huu huu huu...

Of course I love shopping Marc by Marc Jacobs for many reasons ($5 rubber rat key chains, anyone?) but I particularly love seeing the selection of fashion, art and style books they offer.  I saw so many titles I have to save them for a different post...

Kate Spade is a brand I really adore due to the whimsical twists they add to each and every product.  I love stopping in to their Newbury Street shop to see how they've merchandised for the season.  I fell in love with the dressing room, clad in fresh green palm leaves and a bright red chair.

Boston girls REALLY love Longchamp Le Pliage nylon totes.  You literally see them everywhere...I was pleasantly surprised to see the more stylized version below.


Boston based New Balance recently rolled out the Hubway system of bike sharing (no doubt inspired by another local company Zip Car).  It's a brilliant concept for a city that really embraces this form of transportation.  I'd like to see this pop up in other cities across the country.

Jack Wills is kind of like the British equivalent of Abercrombie & Fitch - but without the overwhelming stank of cologne and overly sexualized catalogs.  Although, this prepster brand is more refined than A&F and is, of course, "fabulously British."  Outside their store on Newbury Street were extremely charming branded bicycles...they look perfectly at home on the tree lined street.

Newbury Street has a ton more to see, do and eat.  To learn more about all the stores, salons and spas and resto's click here.