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Friday's Five Favorites...cringe inducing salon names!

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What's in a name?  I've run across "cute" names for hair salons over the years and most don't give me much confidence in the quality of their work (totally judging a book by its cover, I know).  Some do make me chuckle...a bit.  The top 5 cringe-y names:

5. Curl Up & Dye - ok, pretty clever...but it makes me think of grey perms...'nuff said.
4. Hair Lair - this one makes me a bit itchy.
3. On Purpose Hair - huh?  Is the end result so bad you have to explain to people that your 'do is on purpose?
2. Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow - I mean...?
1. Clippety Do Dah! - inspired by Yankee Doodle Scissors from the TV show Wings?

HaPpY fRiDaY eVeRyOnE!!!