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how to pack cosmetics...

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If you're driving or riding by rail to your destination you don't have as many issues but if you're traveling by air you'll need the tips below:

First off, if you're checking bags do yourself a favor and pack the bulk of your cosmetics in your suitcase.  Only take the essentials through security with you.  I've heard of too many instances where beloved and expensive beauty booty has been confiscated by the TSA.  And you simply cannot argue with cannot!

Decant your fav products into smaller containers to save space or buy your must haves via - a virtual wonderland of travel friendly items.  You can also find solid versions of your products such as solid perfume or a balm version of your cleanser or moisturizer (Darphin makes great balms).

When packing keep in mind some products can have multiple uses.  Hair conditioner typically makes a great shaving cream.  In fact, Paul Mitchell's "The Conditioner" is not only a classically great leave in conditioner but also a shave cream AND a light body lotion!  Cream blush or stains can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks.  A scented body lotion can take the place of a fragrance. 

Opt for palettes rather than individual compacts for eye shadow, blush and face powder.  Many brands have customizable palettes which are great for everyday life too.  I'm partial to Bobbi Brown's version simply because I adore her makeup but Trish McEvoy 's palette has room for pans from other lines due to her magnetic "page" style.  Mark by Avon offers "hook ups" which allow you to make double ended wands of any combo of cosmetics: concealers, lipsticks, lip liners, mascaras, eye liners and fragrance.

If you're traveling with close friends or family plan in advance to share the basics.  You won't need multiple tubes of toothpaste, body moisturizer or even shampoo.  If you can share blow dryers and hot tools even better.  You'll save much needed space by employing this technique.

If you're the carefree type take only the absolute necessities and buy the extras upon arrival.  You might run across a new brand you'd like to try!  Just don't leave home without your must haves in case you can't replicate them elsewhere.  I'm a product junkie so I consider these purchases souvenirs.  I found one of my favorite facial cleansers (by Boot's) in this manner when studying abroad in London during college.  I was so obsessed with that cleanser I bought multiples to bring back to the States and asked friends to bring some back during their travels.  Now, it's available at Target and online at Amazon.

Last thought: keep your destination and planned activities in mind when packing for your beauty needs.  You may not need every item from your daily regime if you plan on sitting on the beach, hiking in the mountains or going on safari (there are other necessities for those instances, fo shizzle).  Take only what's necessary and forget the rest!

Wishing you beautiful travels...