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may I have a word please...?

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Dear Reader,

I have a soft spot in my heart for this little blog...NWS has been a much needed creative outlet for me since 2008 and while I'm somewhat proud of my dribs and drabs I feel it's time for a reboot.

Due to my previous work situation I didn't feel comfortable airing my opinions and tips freely, as ME. You'll notice going forward more personal details from my life which will enhance the perspective of NWS...that is my hope, anyway.
A few things about me: my name is Jennifer. I'm wife to a fantastically modern man and mother to the coolest 3 year old boy in town. I have recently returned to my hometown of Ft. Wayne, Indiana after 10 years in Boston, Massachusetts.  I have a passion for beauty products, home decor and fashion.  I have a good sense of humor and adore laughing above all else...

A bit about the name Navigate With Style:  The crazy world of beauty and fashion moves quickly.  While we're buying winter coats designers are focused on what they want us to wear during next summer's vacation.  "Of the moment" beauty brands enjoy celeb status for a few weeks until the next "must have" elixir is released to the public.  It is the goal of NWS to be a tiny spot on the web where you can read about the most useful and timeless style and beauty tips and tricks.  I can't pretend to know it all but I promise that I only write about what I personally know or love.  I am a normal girl (term used loosely) in an average city with a bit of real world knowledge of the style industry that I'd love to share with you!

Thank you to previous readers...I hope you stick around.


JDF {Funky like penicillin!}

p.s. I really like the Beastie Boys