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I've been thinking of uniforms a bunch these days...Maybe it's because the school year is well underway.  Or maybe because my husband recently explained to me that genius Steve Jobs (bow down) wears the same thing every day: black, mock turtleneck/Levi's jeans/New Balance trainers.  Could it be that when you remove or limit sartorial choices you potentially become more productive? 

This may be true for certain individuals within most industries but for someone IN or AROUND the fashion/beauty/style realms this could be a hindrance.  On second thought, I tend to dress in a uniform style already.  In the colder months I'm all about leggings and cozy, over sized tops layered with scarves.  I tend to pair this look with motorcycle boots, ballet flats or wedge booties.  In warmer months I like thin dresses with flat sandals or wedge espadrilles.  I don't stray from these formulas too much as I rely on accessories to make each ensemble different but when the mood strikes I do love to switch it up.

I realize uniforms are utilized for many reasons.  Parochial schools use them to keep their students focused and to remove status (although status still makes its way through).  The Military uses them for conformity, control, intimidation and to signify rank, and companies use them for branding purposes.

I'm going to embrace my uniform concept this fall which I'm sure will make mornings at Chez Fox a bit more streamlined.  I'll organize my tops and hang the coordinating pair of leggings with them (I have a gazillion options) and my booties, boots and ballet flats will rest just underneath so that dressing is a snap.  The more time consuming portion of my morning will now be choosing what accessories to wear and making peanut butter & jelly sandwiches...