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I spent two days in and around Detroit this week and it was a mix of highs and lows.  I am super excited to see a shift in the development of the once great city.  Yes, there are quite a few abandoned buildings downtown and in the outskirts.  However, many of those buildings are actively being restored.

Currently, Detroit is enjoying a bountiful fall where sports is concerned.  The Tigers are in the playoffs and the Lions are one of two teams still undefeated this season!!  I love that all three major sports arenas are downtown: Joe Louis Arena/Red Wings, Comerica Park/Tigers, Ford Field/Lions.  Having these venues IN the city add some cache, not to mention foot traffic (read: dollars).  

Side note: I am happy to say my first MLB game was at old Tiger stadium with my late father and my brother - what a lovely, crumbling mess that was.  It's a good thing Fenway Park & Wrigley Field are still around (and will be forevermore)...I prefer the dirty old stadiums to modern, gleaming versions...but I digress.

The city was packed with Lions fans while we were there so we didn't brave Greektown (very sad).  Nothing else jumped out at us food wise so we ended up having dinner in the dining room of our hotel (meh).  Next time I go to Detroit I'll need food recommendations FOR SURE!

More importantly, I had a hard time finding anything of note when it came to shopping.  Where are the independent shops of Detroit and the surrounding areas?  I found two malls in the 'burbs but I can shop those stores anytime and nearly anywhere.  For Detroit to flourish they'll need to do a better job of promoting the areas of their city where local food and goods are available.

Finally, I took my little boy to the Detroit Zoo.  We arrived about 1 hour before it closed and we were extended a "Happy Hour" discount which was a nice surprise since 3 year old legs can't cover much ground in 60 minutes.  We had time to enjoy the open aviary and butterfly room as well as the penguin exhibit before spending the rest of the time in the playground.  Unless you take the train, which was not running that day, you must walk by the playground before getting to the exciting animal areas.  This seems like incredibly poor planning since I've never met a kid that didn't want to drop everything for colorful slides and tunnels.  Needless to say, we did not get to see much.

I'm hoping to get back to Detroit soon as I'd love to dig deeper and explore other areas of the city.  Detroit is poised for a comeback and I'm hoping to see some major eco and sustainable innovations come to life.  I think that will be the key to the future success of "The D."