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DIY spa recipes on #INsight...

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Today on INsight I demonstrated my 3 favorite (and super easy) DIY spa the links below to check them out.  Fair warning:  At one point I actually say, "just...ream it."  Oy vey...

DIY Beauty Disasters - I have certainly had my fair share of bad DIY beauty experiments.  I've put nearly everything you could think of on my hair, the worst being mayo...yuck!  I stay away from at home treatments that involve chemicals and I like to keep the recipes on the simple side.  It's not very relaxing to clean up a giant mess afterwards.

DIY Beauty Tips - I have used this recipe for body scrub for  years and I swear by it.  It is so effective but so much less expensive than store bought varieties.  Plus, I love knowing that it's literally two organic ingredients - no dyes, no fragrance, no chemicals.  For the face mask, I like to mash up the avocado before adding the honey - this gives you more control with the texture of the mask.  The foot soak recipe is also really great for the whole body but use a full gallon of milk in your bathtub and eliminate the rocks/marbles (ouch).

For more home spa recipes check out the resources below!

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