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fingerless gloves...

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It's not quite cold enough for gloves but the chill in the autumn air definitely calls for an extra (fashionable) layer of warmth...I choose to get cozier with fingerless gloves.  After all, I always have at least one phone in my hand so I try to stave off covering my fingertips for as long as possible (yes, I know texting gloves exist but it's just not the same feel)!

I came across these beauties at Symmetry, a favorite store here in Ft. Wayne.  They were created by Knitting Off Broadway and MAN are they soft and warm?!  I love the touch of angora and the various color combos but walked out with the grey & green pair.

I have BIG plans to reignite my knitting hobby this winter with some classes at Knitting Off's a great stress reliever for me AND I wind up with a new accessory to boot!