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Happy Thanksgiving...

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I love Thanksgiving Day!  It ushers in the magical holiday season with family and friends, the comfiest comfort foods and is the first day you can string up twinkle lights without incurring society's wrath.

My Turkey Day goes like this:

* wear leggings with an over sized sweater and cozy slippers
* lounge and watch the Macy's parade...I adore the marching bands and the always perfect Rockettes but loathe the lip syncing
* prepare the dish easiest to make and least likely to be consumed: cranberry clementine sauce
* cheer for the English Springer Spaniel during the National Dog Show
* snack on port wine cheese with crackers and drink Cape Cods garnished with lime (1 1/2 ounce vodka with 4 ounces of cranberry juice)
* dinner plate is typically 80% mashed potatoes, 10% turkey, 5% stuffing, 4% green beans, 1% cranberry clementine sauce (just for a dash of color)
* football is next which means I do a bit of magazine flipping which quickly leads to...
* nap time (the best)
* wake up, make another plate, make another Cape Cod (and maybe another)
* watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
* pass out


ps - I am very thankful, as always, for my awesome husband, my sweet and funny little boy, a crazy but entertaining and loving extended family, amazing friends and for our new life in Indiana.  As much as I love clothes, shoes and jewels the people who support and love me are the biggest treasures in my life.