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Prairie School...

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Where is a girl supposed to keep her oh so stylish clothing, shoes and accessories?  In an oh so stylish home, of course!  For me, there are no homes as stylish as Prairie School or Usonian structures.  I am crazy for Prairie School architecture, particularly the Midwestern homes designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright.  The clean lines of his "organic architecture" are so stunningly beautiful to my eyes...

Since childhood, I have been obsessed with one home in particular right here in Fort Wayne, designed by Francis Barry Byrne, one of Wright's students.  I drive by the home as much as possible, imagining what the inside looks like and if the owners cherish every day spent there.

There is an actual Frank Lloyd Wright house in southwest Fort Wayne but that's another post for another day and another website.

I dream of living in a Prairie School home some day...maybe even one of Mr. Wright's homes...after all, what good is a dream if it isn't BIG?