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Forget Black Friday...all the cool kids will be shopping small on Saturday, November 26th!  There are fabulous stores in your local area (you might just have to do a little digging) that NEED your support!

I often find customer service is more tailored and genuine from a small, locally owned company.  The owner has more interaction with their clients and employees which can make for a more intimate shopping experience.  AND, if you wish to provide feedback about their goods or services, the powers that be are much more accessible.  PLUS, smaller retailers don't stock hundreds or even tens of the same item which means you won't see your new find on every other girl in town (that's worth its weight in gold to me)!

Starting a small business takes guts and maintaining a small business takes MUCH more.  It's a rough retail world out there so help the little guys give the big guys a run for their money while supporting your local community!

For more information about Small Business Saturday 
check out the official website sponsored by American Express!