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ahh bra...and more!

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uuuggghhh...I HATE bra shopping. Good bras are hard to find and this is one area where price DEFINITELY matters...especially for girls who are, shall we say, busty...ahem.

Some of my favorite bras are from Spanx and Sassybax...but I must admit the infomercials for the Ahh Bra have me intrigued. Or maybe I just like to watch cheesy infomercials...?

As for sports bras I find I have to double up for any real support. Since I wear two at once I try for wild colors or prints for a more interesting look. My favorites are generally from Champion but I'll be checking out the bras featured in the below video from John Lewis.

Finally, when considering new bras be sure you're getting the best fit from the start. Nothing is worse than shelling out some major shekels for a bra then after a few wears discover it's not really working for you. I say, take the time and go to a specialty store or high end department store where the staff has actually been trained. Watch the video below for some tips.