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color theory...

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I'm fascinated by the meanings of colors and suggested uses for  maximizing their properties. Colors can mean many different things depending on culture, nationality or personal preference. Below is how I interpret the various colors...

RED - powerful, courageous, angry, determined, amorous
* wear red clothing, accessories or lipstick when you need an extra boost of confidence

ORANGE - creative, cheery, stimulating...screams AUTUMN to me!
* my favorite color...keep something bright orange in your work space to inspire creativity and to brighten a dull environment

YELLOW - happy, lively, comfortable, SUMMER to me!
* feeling dull? a yellow scarf (the appropriate hue depends on your skin tone) can perk you up in seconds flat

GREEN - luxurious, calm, reliable, honest, fresh...reminds me of SPRING!
* wear when you'll know you'll be faced with a hyper personality or when you're feeling out of sorts

BLUE - peaceful, loyal, cold, stable
* wear when public speaking or on television like the politicians do!

PURPLE - royal, powerful, mysterious, magical
* combine different shades of purple (violet with lilac) for a modern take on this regal color

PINK - feminine, youthful, pretty, soft
* my second favorite color...instantly adds a touch of girlishness whether fuchsia or pastel

GREY - conservative, traditional, serious
* this cool neutral pairs well with any color but is especially striking with more vibrant hues like yellow or orange

BROWN - casual, reassuring, earthy, genuine
* use this neutral in place of black to appear more approachable

BLACK - elegant, sophisticated, formal, strong
* black is commanding but can be harsh and sometimes a tad boring...for a real power combo wear black and red together

WHITE - clean, pure, innocent, simple...makes me think of WINTER!
* crisp flashes of white can make you appear more with textures when wearing this neutral such as lace or matte silk.