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2012 Golden Globes fashion wrap up...

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While I lounged makeup free in my cozy pants last night I happily observed the fashion highs and lows of the Golden Globes. Of course there are countless blogs, shows and magazines to turn to for expert opinions but only ONE blog has me...and I'm the expert of my own opinions...see what I did there? At least I'm an expert in something...

* I liked Angelina's overall look but her smug demeanor and pin thin arms turn me right off. What I did love is that her lipstick perfectly matched the accent of her gown and it was a rich, shiny red...lovely.
* Julie Bowen looked awesome channeling Grace Kelly. She normally scares me with her bony chest and ripped arms but last night she was really beautiful, soft and feminine. BUT, you can tell she was feeling very Grace Kelly-ish because her demeanor on the red carpet was a very contrived form of demure.
* Kelly Osbourne would have been a total hit but her hair is freaky...and I'm typically not opposed to freaky hair. And I really like Kelly Osbourne....
* Reese looked sexy and cute at the same time...I'd like to pull off that combo at least once, please.
* Sofia Vergara...well, she'd look hot in a paper bag.
* Viola Davis was gorgeous but I wish she'd worn more jewels. A Hollywood award show is the perfect occasion for hanging jewels from every body part possible...
* I was so happy to see FOUR yellow dresses...nice to have something different to look at and all but one were stunning. Maria Menounos & Emily Blunt looked great in their yellows but Paula Patton had the best yellow dress of the four...and I don't know the name of the actress wearing the "meh" one.
* Jessica Alba amazed me...I don't normally care for her but WOW!
* Jessica Biel somehow made her dress look super sexy (the massive slit in her skirt certainly helped)...I'm just not feeling the shoulder/bust portion of her gown.
* I love Madonna and always will but the way her boobs were crammed in her bodice made me hurt for her...
* Charlize was best dressed last night...hands down. Even with that giant bow stuck on her hip. Her shoes, jewels and accessories were spot on and the color of her dress was PERFECT with her hair and skin.
* I hated Lea Michelle's dress...she looked like an extra on Dynasty.
* Mila Kunis was just okay...her hair left something to be desired and she didn't even come close to the perfection of her 2011 Oscars look.
* I was bored with Michelle Williams and wish she'd been more daring...especially with her cute haircut. That being said, I am SO thrilled she won for her role as Marilyn!
* Zooey Deschanel is awesome in every way! I loved her Prada gown and her mod mod must have been a wig, yes?
* I ADORED Heidi Klum's look...the pinky nude dress with that turquoise necklace? Modern glamour!!!

Thoughts? I do like a healthy debate about red carpet fashion...TWEET ME!