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The Five 1.27

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The Five }

{ hand me downs }
My grandfather's favorite color was orange...I must have inherited that love from him. He gave my mother this set ages ago but I hadn't ever seen it. When she pulled these pieces out a few weeks ago and saw my reaction she promptly handed them over. Yesssss...

 Paris! }
Ooh la la...I'm so thrilled to be traveling to Paris this spring. It's basically all I can think about and I've already started brainstorming my packing strategy. My main goal is visiting Versailles...a lifelong dream for this Marie Antoinette fan.

I found these all over Nashville and fell in love. These stylish yet inexpensive bags are easily cleaned and this particular style holds so much yet stays slim in my handbag.

I love nothing more than laughing and this video series is so perfectly hilarious I can't get enough!!! I'm DESP for their second season to start.

{ crayon rings }
I just couldn't resist these crayon's the little things that make me smile.