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NWS in The Nash part 1

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Howdy! I had a wonderful first day exploring Nashville! I did extensive online research before arriving so I have huge list to knock out. Here's what I've done so far...keep in mind I have a 3 1/2 year old boy nipping at my heels!

* Drove the city - This is always the first thing I do when visiting a new place. I like to get familiar with the various areas and love to get lost...

* Lunch at Swett's - I've read a bunch about the "meat and 3" meals in this area of the country and heard that Swett's was an institution. Meh...the place smelled great but the mashed potatoes were fake and the BBQ ribs were dry and tough.

* Shopped the Green Hills area - In addition to the Mall at Green Hills there is a super cute but small outdoor mall called Hill Center Green Hills (such creative names here) packed with some fab stores like H. AudreyPoshWhole Body (by Whole Foods) and Snap. My favorite by far was The Cosmetic Market. I walked in and my jaw dropped! It's huge, stocked to the gills with awesome brands, sparkling clean and the staff is friendly and helpful. This store is getting its own post later...

* Caffeine Fix - I drove to The Frothy Monkey for some locally roasted beans and the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookie I've ever had!

* Grocery shopping at The Turnip Truck - I had to pick up some staples for the boy. This organic grocery store has an amazing selection of micro brews in addition to all the standard hippie food we love.

* Two Old Hippies - This store was not on my list but it's just across the street from The Turnip Truck and was calling to me. Inside this large store are cool clothes, accessories, gifts and tons of acoustic a full on performance stage! It was fun to browse while listening to really awesome live music...

The boy was exhausted at this point so we headed back to the hotel for a quick swim and a mediocre hotel lounge dinner.

FYI - there's a ballroom dancing competition taking place in our hotel this week and they've set up a retail area with the most glittering dresses I've ever seen (and I was a competitive figure skater back in the day so I know from glitter). Basically, expect a post (at the very least a tweet) regarding this matter shortly...