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Trying TRIA...part 1

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I've always said that if you spend enough time in a salon you'll wax anything and I've logged many, many hours in salons over the years. But now that I'm no longer working for a salon/spa company my regularly scheduled waxing appointments have morphed into sporadic sessions with razors and shaving cream. While I have found my ideal shaving implements I still hate the task so when TRIA gave me the opportunity to test the technology of laser hair removal in my own home I jumped for joy!

I've been reading and reading and reading in preparation and today I finally did my patch test. I'm so excited to embark on this experiment and to share the process and the results with all of you. I'll be posting regularly each month and at the end of it all one of you will have the opportunity to win your very own TRIA laser!!!

Stay tuned...