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eos lip balms...

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As a product junkie I am fully capable of admitting that packaging is a HUGE part of my selection process. If the packaging isn't cool or pretty I'll very rarely make the purchase.

I first tried eos {evolution of smooth} lip balm precisely because the packaging was so awesome. These spheres are colorful objet d'art with an effective, eco friendly moisture balm inside. The container is left very plain so there's no labeling to interfere with the design. Also, I loathe lip products that make me use my finger to apply {gag me with a spoon} so I was pleased to find the sphere was not a pot but the applicator itself.

My favorite formula is Sweet Mint, as I'm sure you can tell by the image above, but in the summer I also use the Lemon Drop version with SPF15.

Bonus: While I'm testing out laser hair removal at home I still have to shave. I've been using the eos paraben free pomegranate raspberry shave cream, which you can use dry or wet, as well as their beautifully packaged hand lotion.

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