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I don't always sport a mani/pedi but when I do I like for my polish to be as eco as possible. Priti is one of my all time favorite nail brands because the company is deeply committed to non toxic beauty and has one of the most impressive arrays of colors out there. Their soy nail polish remover is not only non toxic but biodegradable to boot! To read more about their formulas and devotion to sustainability click here.

For the upcoming Summer Olympics in London Priti has created two special edition polish collections. The colors are gorgeous, especially the metallics which are perfect for pedicures as well as funky nail art.


To shop the full assortment of polishes {with super funky names} and care products visit

Side note: Don't you hate it when a beloved beauty product or color is discontinued? It's the worst! Sadly, my favorite Priti polish, Devil's Fig, has met that fate so I'll make my last bottle s-t-r-e-t-c-h as long as possible. It was the most amazingly sheer and glossy highlighter yellow...sigh.