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f*** yeah!

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A great friend recently asked me an important question. My instant answer: f*** yeah! We had a good laugh and that was it...or so I thought.

This morning one of the first things I read was a tweet by Independent Fashion Bloggers that linked to an article written by Jeff Haden for Inc.

Last year I moved with my little family from Boston, Massachusetts to Fort Wayne, Indiana and a major lifestyle switch followed. As I left the big city and my management career behind me I decided to pursue writing full time - a decision that continues to make me extremely happy. Yet recently I've said yes to a few things when I probably shouldn't have and I don't want to lose the joy I've felt during this last year. From now on, if my answer to any given question isn't a hearty f*** yeah, it should be a no. I need to approach life with this mentality and I can't believe I didn't think of it myself.

While I'm not uptight about language I know it's not acceptable to use such a word in a professional setting. So going forward when I'm answering yes I'll just *think* f*** yeah! But if we're friends or if I've been drinking (and especially if both apply) prepare yourself for the f-bomb.