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I poo poo petroleum jelly...

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I saw a tweet the other day advising readers to purchase a "big jar of generic petroleum jelly & use it as lip balm, makeup remover, under-eye moisturizer, foot & hand cream, & more!" This seemingly innocuous tweet made me say...WTF??? Petroleum jelly is a byproduct of crude oil...why would anyone want to include this product in their beauty routine? Forget the potential hazard concerns for now, the product is just not effective...

Claims that petroleum jelly actually moisturizes are false. It is a barrier product meaning it prevents moisture from getting in or out...this is why it's been used to prevent diaper rash or wind burn and to protect scrapes and cuts from infection. Any softening results are strictly temporary since the product is not absorbed into the skin. This may be the reason the Environmental Working Group gives petroleum jelly relatively low hazard ratings. If your grandmother claims petroleum jelly is responsible for her youthful glow it's because she probably has a few layers of the goop sitting on top of her skin!

Instead of petroleum jelly use organic coconut oil, jojoba oil or grapeseed oil as your bulk, multi tasking moisturizer, mmmkay?

Friday's Five Favorites...cringe inducing salon names!

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What's in a name?  I've run across "cute" names for hair salons over the years and most don't give me much confidence in the quality of their work (totally judging a book by its cover, I know).  Some do make me chuckle...a bit.  The top 5 cringe-y names:

5. Curl Up & Dye - ok, pretty clever...but it makes me think of grey perms...'nuff said.
4. Hair Lair - this one makes me a bit itchy.
3. On Purpose Hair - huh?  Is the end result so bad you have to explain to people that your 'do is on purpose?
2. Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow - I mean...?
1. Clippety Do Dah! - inspired by Yankee Doodle Scissors from the TV show Wings?

HaPpY fRiDaY eVeRyOnE!!!