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Fashionable Friends...Jennie!

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A few years ago, my husband reconnected with an old friend who he'd not seen in almost 10 years and who had just moved with his new bride from LA to Boston (where we lived at the time).  After they settled into their new digs, we invited them over for pizza and chic and so, so original! Little did I know the girl I was about to meet would become a friend I would cherish forevermore. She is incredibly accomplished (ahem, a Doctorate from Harvard), has the most hilarious expressions and  slips into random voices during conversations. She is creative, compassionate and cultured. Plus, she's mother to ridiculously cute twin boys.

an American in Paris!

1. Three words to describe your style: eclectic, casual, off beat

2. Desert island beauty product: L'Occitane After Sun Lotion - I don't care how burned or dry your skin gets, this stuff is like magic potion for repair. I am worried it was discontinued as our supply comes mainly from pilfering it from the Four Seasons Hotel in Maui. Editor's note: I found it on the L'Occitane Middle Eastern website but not the US version.

3. The outfit that never lets you down: Ash high top sneakers in camo, dark wash skinny jeans, scoop neck black t shirt, a chunky black Theory cardigan and a besparkled pink cashmere beret. Throw on the right jewelry and I can go to work, out to dinner or grab my little ones and head to the playground.

4. Signature fragrance: My own funk. I am not a perfume person.

5. Fashion Hero (ES): Kate Moss - if only I could be so freaking cool. Bianca Jagger - she is so exotic and funky. My Mom - she was never afraid to wear what she liked (even if no one else did).

Thank you, Jennie!

xx JDF