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nail rant...

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It's time for me to vent:

I am so disenchanted with the general offerings of the nail industry. In my opinion there are just two options available to the masses: pay an obscene amount of money for good customer service and a clean environment or a small amount of coin for rude or indifferent technicians and grimy facilities. In most cases, the results end up being the same - polish that looks better than what I can do myself.

Why is there no middle ground? The state of the nail industry is lacking in originality and modernity and I'm surprised no one has thought to address it. While beautiful and affordable makeup application spas, quickie day spas and blow dry only salons have cropped up, the nail world has completely stalled. I am tired of not being able to properly communicate with my service provider (and vice versa). I am tired of service providers that think talking on a cell phone while performing a service is ok! I am tired of seeing multiple health code violations occurring before my very eyes. I am tired of the goopy, cracking, years old polishes lining the racks. And I'm really tired of having to pay $60+ for a standard (NOT spectacular) pedicure at a high end salon. I am not satisfied with the status quo when it comes to my manicure and pedicure. I'd rather do my own nails (ugh...that's really saying something) than spend one more dime on another lackluster experience.

Here's what I want:

An attractive and clean facility with outstanding customer service. A fantastic manicure and pedicure performed with sanitary tools, updated and clean polishes with some affordable add ons like customized nail art or a pampering moisture mask. I want a nail technician that can understand my individual requests such as, "Please do not cut my cuticles."  I'd go a step further and ask that all products used be organic and non toxic but I'm afraid that might put the majority of the industry over the edge.

Whew! Thanks for letting me get this issue out of my brain. If I had the skill of a nail tech and the stomach to deal with strange feet, I would open my own nail spa. I'm guessing I'm not alone in this opinion and hope that someone, somewhere is already working on a solution that will spread nationwide, not just on the coasts.

Where do you stand on this issue? Dirty & Cheap OR Clean & Overpriced? If you've personally experienced a middle ground, I'd love to hear about it.  Tweet me: @navigatewstyle and use #nailrant to tag your tweet.