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top 10 style tips of all time...

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Here's what I consider to be the basics of style --- learn them, know them, live them.

1. Always bet on accessories. This is where I tend to invest because I typically get the most mileage out of my accessories and jewels than I do with an individual piece of clothing.

2. Invest the time and money to have a proper bra fitting by a pro (not a high schooler at VS). No matter the size of your cans, the perfect bra can make all the difference. Trust!

3. Nude pumps are the absolute best footwear staple. The best, Jerry. The best. Splurge here for maximum comfort and wear.

4. Know the trends but ignore them if they aren't perfect for you. I can't and don't wear midriff bearing shirts, turtlenecks or gladiator sandals, even if they're the latest and greatest trends on the're welcome.

5. Become a master editor of your own closet. We all need help with this from time to time so ask a trusted (and stylish) friend for assistance in weeding out. Sell everything that doesn't work and use the profits for something your closet is missing.

6. Embrace color. Maybe not every color and certainly not all at once, but color is your friend.

7. Own at least one GREAT animal print piece, whether zebra or leopard. Animal prints can be tricky and tacky so look for a classic print in a timeless silhouette or go for a pair of shoes or a handbag instead.

8. Don't swoon over sales. Sometimes a low price is too hard to resist but resist you MUST if the item in question isn't already on your list of must haves. This is something I'm personally working on this year...

9. It's better to be overdressed than shizzle.

10. Stock up on high quality basics - they'll never let you down. Preach!

My jewelry drawers!

Did I miss anything? Do you totally agree? Beg to differ? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @navigatewstyle!

xx JDF