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Beauty Sleep

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When we sleep, our body naturally rejuvenates itself. Help it along with a few tricks:

* Help your skin cells turnover since they're naturally doing it anyway while you sleep. After cleansing your face, slather on  a serum or cream with ingredients meant to renew like vitamins A and K and alpha hydroxy acids. Try REN's Resurfacing AHA Concentrate or Clinique's Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer.

* Eyes tend to give us away so make sure to lightly pat an anti-aging cream onto that delicate skin before bed. If your eyes are a little red in the AM, a few tiny drops of Rohto Cooling eye drops will clear them up and make your peepers feel refreshed. 

* Try to sleep on your back to wake up without crease lines and to avoid premature lines and wrinkles.  A pillow underneath your knees as well as an extra one under your head can make this more comfortable.

Branché Sleep Mask

* In the evening, swap your regular toothpaste with Crest Vivid White Night. The formula coats teeth and loosens stains while you sleep so they can be brushed away in the morning. Use nightly for at least two weeks to see a visible difference.

* Cover your hair with a satin scarf or rest your pretty head on a satin pillow case to reduce frizz causing friction for your locks.  Branché Beauty Sleep makes lovely satin pillow cases and sleep masks.

* Give your hair a moisture boost by sleeping in a deep conditioning mask (or any rich conditioner will do). Wrap hair in a turban or gather hair into a topknot and put a towel over your pillowcase to keep it from getting messy.  Rinse out in your morning shower then style as usual.

* Get your zzz's. A good night's rest makes you look and feel better. It's scientific. Duh...