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The January List

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This first list of 2014 has turned out to be more like my {growing} list of resolutions. 

My darling #foxboys. 

* Have more patience with my sweet boys.

* Become more financially and physically fit. These are extremely important to me and the health of my family. If I do nothing else, I need to make improvements in these areas.

* Do more in the kitchen. I want to rely less and less on processed foods and try out more of the recipes I've pinned.

* Get back to more eco personal care products --- I've strayed a tad.

* Learn how to work more efficiently. I'm a freelancing work from home mum {I like to pretend I'm British} of two small's a challenge. I'm open to tips.

* Schedule regular beauty maintenance to feel more pulled together. This is a bit of a stretch because even showering on a regular basis tends to be difficult. I don't feel the need to always have a mani/pedi but I WOULD REALLY LOVE more regular massages and/or acupuncture. 

* Drink more water. Getting 8 glasses in per day might be the most difficult item on this list!