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"Oh, shit!" Last minute gift ideas...

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If you're a total knob and haven't finished your holiday shopping by now, this quick list just might be your saving grace. You're welcome. Now get to the closest drugstore ASAP!

Add a candle, bath salts and body lotion. But not a $2 bottle of Suave. No offense, Suave.

* Create a DIY spa basket of various loofas (loofi?), an eye shade, candle, body lotion, etc... Remove the cheap packaging and arrange in a nice box with pretty tissue for a more luxurious vibe.

* Buy the latest issue of a cool magazine then fill out and mail in one of the 73 subscription cards for your giftee. It certainly buys you some time. Go for an off beat or hard to find title. An alternative to this is to buy every single gossip rag then pair them with chocolate covered cherries and a bottle of wine.

What kid (or adult male) wouldn't love a can of Flarp?

* Put together an embarrassing load of candy bars, lollypops, gummy worms, licorice strings, gum and a few cheapie novelty toys in a brightly colored plastic bin for the small people on your list. Their parents will hate you but the kids will think you're the shit.

* For more practical people, buy them a year's supply of their favorite or most used product. This one is a sleeper hit. It will seem strange day of but your genius will unfold throughout the year. My grandmother loves her Sensodyne tootpaste and would be tickled pink with this prezzie.

Pre-loaded gift bags take ALL the effort out of wrapping...whew!

* Drugstores have an insane amount of gift card options - there is literally something for everyone. But be a little creative. Make a mix CD of songs that remind you of the recipient and give with an iTunes card. Use your imagination, I can't do it all for you.

Merry Christmas, you lazy bastard.