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The April List

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At last, SPRING! The warmer temps and cheery sunshine have put a bounce in my step. So have these 5 things:

* I was so excited to flip my closet from Winter to Summer. The transformation is not yet complete but I'm thrilled to have my favorite dresses within reach again. Give it up for one piece dressing! 

* The Skimm, a Monday through Friday morning email, keeps me in the know with bite sized news stories. I rarely watch broadcast television and don't spend as much time on Twitter as I used to so I'm thankful for the quick updates. 

My first Young Living oils.

* I've recently started using Young Living essential oils, thanks to a knowledgeable friend. It's safe to say I'm hooked. I add a few drops of Lemon to my water in the morning, apply Purification to breakouts and inhale the most wonderfully intense Lavender in the evening during my bedtime ritual. I also add drops of all three to a spray bottle filled with water to mist around my house. I'm still learning about Young Living and can't wait to receive my next shipment of additional oils. Stay tuned for more on the subject - there are a TON of ways to use these potent and healing oils.

* At the beginning of the month, I cracked into my first bag of chia seeds and have started by making chia water: 1/2 cup lime juice, 10 cups water, 1/2 cup chia seeds. The texture is funky but I like it. I can't wait to try these powerful and nutritious seeds in other recipes. If you have any faves, send them my way!

* Proud Mumma Alert: My two little guys were asked to take part in some promotional photos and videos for The Good Ones, a super rad clothing company for boys. I adore the line for the thoughtful design details (pearlized snaps, reflective tape, cool patches, etc), awesome branding and fun, interactive website. Peep the newest video, Anything Ever, featuring lots of cute kiddos, including mine.