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Earth Day

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There are lots of ways to celebrate Earth Day like walking or biking to work, planting a tree or picking up trash around your neighborhood or city. I have a few ideas for quickly and simply greening your beauty routine in honor of Earth Day.

* Say no to styling tools for the day to cut down on consumption of electricity.

* Shower in luke warm to cool water, instead of hot. A cooler shower helps to increase circulation and is a refreshing way to wake up. Try it, you might actually like it. Bonus: No one lingers during a cold shower so you'll also save on water consumption. 

* Do a sweep of your bathroom shelves, vanity and makeup drawers for products that contain toxins. It's been reported that women apply 500+ toxic chemicals to their face every day! Make a list of the items you can gradually replace with organic alternatives. And then...

* Wear only organic/natural/eco personal care products for the day. You'll quickly realize where the holes in your natural beauty routine are. **Don't worry - you're not the only one that's lacking an eco mascara. That category is way behind the curve...

* Many people already do a great job of recycling in the kitchen but stop short of personal care products. Start a recycling bin in your bathroom for all your beauty product packaging. Empty bottles, jars, boxes and included literature can typically (and should) be recycled. 

And, if you're feeling festive, wear green today to show your support of Mother Earth!

Happy Earth Day, lovelies!