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The May List

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Shit. I completely missed the month of May. I was wrapped up in all the joy my favorite month brings. I believe the month of May is the best of them all. It's the 5th month and I was born on the 15th day of it. I believe my birthday is the genesis of my obsession with the number 5 but Mademoiselle Chanel might have had something to do with it, too.

Whenever I spot the beautiful lines of my favorite number, I experience a tiny surge of joy. In a movie theater, I do my best to sit in the 5th row from the top, in the 5th seat. Each member of my family's full names are five syllables. I do my best to group things in fives. And -- IF I thought I could handle it, I'd have a third child just so my family could be a family of five (but that's NOT going to happen). When we get a dog, he can be the 5th.

I like to snap pictures of all the random 5's I see throughout the day. In lieu of an actual list, let's just enjoy the majesty of the best numeral in the universe courtesy of some recent captures (obviously, I chose 5 images). 

Two of these pix came from a recent trip to the ER for my littlest. He ate floss. He. ate. FLOSS! We were assigned to room 5 for what I'm now calling The Great Floss Catastrophe of 2014. He's least we think he is. Only time (and rummaging through his diapers) will tell. Being a mom is so glamorous...