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Fresh Faced

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I am alllll about the no-makeup trend happening this season. Not to be all, "I've been wearing little to no makeup since before it was cool" but...I've been wearing little to no makeup since before it was cool. I'm glad people are coming around to the bare faced look. I'm so bored with overly made up faces and smoky cat's aging and a little tired. When it comes to makeup, I truly believe less is more. I like to see (on myself and others) radiant, glowing skin, a bit of definition where it counts (ahem, lashes and brows) and a soft, natural lip color. *I love me a kickass red lippy every now and then, don't get me wrong.

The style crowd is making a big deal about this no-makeup movement right now. Is it a feminist statement? Perhaps it's in line with the green/eco lifestyle? Or maybe it's just a flash in the pan trend because everything else has been done? Maybe it's all of the above. I like to think it's more about embracing who "you" really is. At least it is for me. I'm a busy mom who juggles writing from home and my beauty routine certainly reflects that. I take care of my skin morning and night no matter how tired I am. If I'm lucky or the mood strikes, I'll actually apply a bit of makeup like tinted moisturizer, cream eye/lip color, mascara and a little brow pencil. 

The reason I felt compelled to write about this issue is due to a recent experience at a beauty superstore. The salesgirl clearly took one look at my seemingly makeup free face and falsely assumed I was clueless. I patiently sat through her canned sales pitch and corporate mandated questions but when she snottily tried to steer me away from the product I came in for (after having done plenty of my own research), I politely ditched her. I totally get that she has a job to do. I used to have that job. But I don't appreciate being talked down to or considered inexperienced simply because I find a fresh face to be more my style.

I hope more women can ditch the makeup mask and let their natural beauty shine through and give this new "trend" some staying power. I could use more girls in my camp. But...

Let me finish all this by saying, if a full face of makeup and the smokiest smoky eye is your jam, keep on keepin' on. You do you. I'll do me.